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    Outbreak by Robin Cook

Murder and intrigue reach epidemic proportions when a devastating plague sweeps the country. Dr. Marissa Blumenthal of the Atlanta Centers for Disease Control investigates--and soon uncovers the medical world's deadliest secret....

Year: 1987
Genre: Medical ThrillerVirus Pandemic

    Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear

Ancient diseases encoded in the DNA of humans wait like sleeping dragons to wake and infect again--or so molecular biologist Kaye Lang believes. And now it looks as if her controversial theory is in fact chilling reality. Then a major discovery high in the Alps --the preserved bodies of a prehistoric family--reveals a shocking link: something that has slept in our genes for millions of years is waking up.

Year: 1999
Genre: Hard SFVirus Pandemic

    Robert Ludlum's the Moscow Vector by Patrick Larkin

At an international conference in Prague, Lt. Col. Jon Smith, an Army research doctor specializing in infectious diseases and secretly an agent attached to Covert-One, is contacted by a Russian colleague, Dr. Valentine Petrenko. Petrenko is concerned about a small cluster of mysterious deaths in Moscow and about the Russian government's refusal to release publicly any information or data on the outbreak. When the two meet, they are attacked by a group of mysterious men and Petrenko is killed. His notes and medical samples are lost, and Smith barely escapes with his life.

Year: 2005
Genre: Bio-WarfareVirus Pandemic

    Medusa by Clive Cussler and Paul Kemprecos

In the Micronesian islands, a top-secret U.S. government-sponsored undersea lab conducting vital biomedical research on a rare jellyfish known as the Blue Medusa suddenly disappears. At the same time, off Bermuda, a bathysphere is attacked by an underwater vehicle and left helpless a half-mile below the surface, its passengers--including Zavala--left to die. Only Kurt Austin's heroic measures save them from a watery grave, but suspecting a connection, Austin puts the NUMA team on the case.

Year: 2009
Genre: ActionAdventureVirus Pandemic

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