The Spider: C&G #2

Dictactor of the Damned / Milltown Massacres

by Grant Stockbridge


Cold eyes, smiling evilly behind a black silk mask, watched a new murder machine strike terror throughout all New York. A hooded monster of crime had seized the law's weapons, and ruled unchallenged from his secret throne. Richard Wentworth, the fugitive Spider, driven from his faithful allies, battles alone against the Dictator's death-grip on a great city.

Wentworth's body was taut as it reached the ground floor. He had slippedoff the safety catches on both automatics, and now he swung open the door, leaped out into the lobby, both guns thrust out straight aheadof him. At the doorway he saw Kirkpatrick and Larrabie in the act of stepping out into the sidewalk. And just at that instant the darkbulk of the undertaker's hearse which he had glimpsed from up above came pulling slowly in front of the entrance.

Wenworth opened his mouth to shout a warning, but his cry wasdrowned by the sudden sharp staccato barking of machine-guns.

The elevators were at a slight angle from the doorway, and Wentworth himself escaped that blast of lead. Ahead of him, he saw Larrabiesuddenly stiffen, then quickly heave against Kirkpatrick, and sendthe Commissioner sprawling on the floor to one side of the doorway.Larrabie himself was left in the entrance, and his body caught the full blast of that machine gun barrage.

Like a tortured thing the body of the Mayor seemed to dance in liveagony as wave after wave of hot lead slammed into him. Wentworthuttered a hoarse cry and raised his automatics, sent twin streaksof blue flame searing in the direction of the hearse. His slugsrebounded harlessly from the shatterproof glass. He saw four open portholes from which four machine-guns dealt lead. He also sawa man in the driver's seat crouching over the wheel, and besidehim another man whose face and head was covered by a black hood.

Originally published in the January, 1937 issue of The Spider Magazine


City of steel by day, with nightfall Keystone became the evil den of nameless horror. Into the shops where brawny men toiled over molten metal, along quiet streets, a strange madness erupted, loosed a slaughtering maniac horde, then vanished, blotting out its murder trail.... What chance had The Spider, sole champion of the despairing townsfolk, against this nebulous death? But Richard Wentworth, playing a lone hand in the murk of madness, answered the call.

He had a wife and four children. He did not drink, smoke or chew. His square, almost bovine face topped by close-cropped black hair gave noindication that an original thought ever entered his brain. But he could work, and he could make his men work. He did not seem to have anerve in his body, and he never grew angry or flew off the handle. No one ever suspected that Big Harry Silvestro grow excited or temperamental about anything.

Nevertheless, at two o'clock on Saturday morning, Big Harry went berserk.

It happened while a batch of molten steel was being poured from oneof the open hearth furnaces into the huge cylindrical bucket which would conduct the steel by the traveling crane across the shop to deposit it into a row of molds where it would cool into oblong ingots.

Silvestro was directing the operation, when suddenly he doubled over withpain. Both his great hands pressed hard against his abdomen and acold sweat broke out on his face and naked torso.

The sizzling molten steel was pouring in a thin stream, glistening silvery, and was spreading heat in every direction. Silvestro groaned and pressedat his stomach, still doubled over. The men of his crew could not goto his assistance because they were handling the hot steel.

But Jack Markos, the little timekeeper, who happened to be passing throughthe shop at the moment, saw Big Harry's agony and ran to his side, puta hand on the big man's shoulder.

"Harry!" he shouted. "What's the matter with you?"

Big Harry didn't answer. Instead, he straightened with a tremendous effort and turned suddenly red-rimmed eyes at little Jack Markos. Markoslooked up at him and the little man's face went white the stark madnesshe saw in Silvestro's eyes. His jaw fell open, and he took an involuntary step backward, half turned to run.

But he was too late. Big Harry uttered a dreadful cry of rage, leaped after Markos, and seized the little man around the waist.Markos screamed, strained ineffectually, as Silvestro lifted himhigh into the air and hurled his diminutive body straight into the huge bucket of molten steel!

Originally published in the February, 1937 issue of The Spider Magazine, we've listed these paperbacks as used because of age, but the copies have never been read and are in fine condition.

Year First Published:1991

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The Spider: C&G #2
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