The Spider: C&G #1

Secret City of Crime / The Spider and the Pain Master

by Grant Stockbridge

Two Spider stories, straight from the pulp! First, Secret City of Crime >Originally published in the February, 1943 issue of The Spider Magazine. Then, The Spider and the Pain Master from the January, 1940 issue.


Their orders were very clear. At regular intervals, the length of thetrain, they were to toss their three jugs of gasoline in between cars. It would go off in flame a little while before the wreck, but notvery long. There would be a very nice "diversion" so that the boysat the bank could have a clear road for their raid.

The leader turned his back toward the platform and prepared to lightthe fuse of his jug of panic-death.

Down at the other end of the platform, the three men slipped around to the far end of the control house. There was a steel ladder there that led down to the roadbed, and the door would be locked. That didn't matter. They had a key. Perfect Crimes, Inc., took care of everything.

Originally published in the February, 1943 issue of The Spider Magazine


Something or someone was causing decent people to commit heinouscrimes. The Spider must stop the villain causing such massive destruction!

So, Richard Wentworth could easily have drawn and fired before IreneBlount brought her gun into position. But the only part of her thatwas exposed to a bullet was her face and throat, and the lovely curveof her breast. Anywhere he hit her with the powerful driving forceof his heavy automatics, would mean death for this woman. And knowing that she was doing this hideous thing because of some terrible compulsion, he could no more have brought himself to kill her thanto kill a new-born baby.

The startled shout of Commisioner Kirkpatrick was still ringing in hisears as Irene Blount pointed the gun at his heart.

She stared at him with her finger taut against the trigger. And shedid not shoot. Instead, a strange and hungry light came into hereyes, as if she were seeing a new and unimagined thing which mightyet be her salvation.

"Don't- aren't you- afraid to die?" she faltered.

Wentworth smiled. "There are many things worse than death," he said gently.

All of a sudden, a great trembling seized her body. A choked cryof misery escaped from her throat.

"Yes, yes!" she gasped. "Much worse than death!"

Suddenly a great light of resolve came into her eyes.

"Richard Wentworth," she said in a voice grown strong and resolute,"you have shown me the way out. Thank God!"

Without warning she turned the pistol upon her breast and pulledthe trigger!

Originally published in the January, 1940 issue of The Spider Magazine

Year First Published:1991

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The Spider: C&G #1
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