THE SPIDER #1: Sanctum Doubles

The Citadel of Hell plus The Sons of Satan

by Grant Stockbridge

"Woe be to criminals who fell into the Spider's web. He'd often execute them before they had a chance to draw their guns." -- STERANKO

CITADEL OF HELLHunted by police and roving arsonists, Richard Wentworth dons his terrifying Spider guise for the first time to save New York City from starvation!

THE SPIDER AND THE SONS OF SATANTo end the reign of crime's newest overlord, the Spider subjects himself to the Feast of the Scorpions, from which no one has ever escaped!

Plus, "The Web" by Will Murray.

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THE SPIDER #1: Sanctum Doubles
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781608771035
Publisher: Sanctum Books


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