The Snarl of the Beast

by Carroll John Daly

Before Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep, Before Dashiell Hammett's The Red Harvest, there was Carroll John Daly's The Snarl of the Beast, the first true hard-boiled detective novel. Featuring Race Williams, a private detective afraid of no man, it is a complex story of murder and inheritance in which Williams must outwit not only the police and a beautiful blonde cat burglar, but a homicidal maniac reputed to be bullet proof. Will his ready fists and forty-four revolvers be up to the task of confronting his foes against the background of deceit, double-crossing, and gunplay? And ultimately will he silence . . . The Snarl of the Beast?

Race Williams is once again at his fighting best in this novel chock full of action. Behind the action unfolds a plot to get a large sum of inheritance money from the rightful owner. But who is the rightful owner? And why is everyone out to kill Race, who carries a secret document from his client?

Among the Race Williams' pursuers is a man of gigantic purportions, a beast, some say, with the ability to deflect even bullets. Join Race in this battle to kill the beast, save the girl, and solve the case.

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