by Eric Van Lustbader

A novel of suspense and mystical adventure in China from the bestselling author of Jian and the Nicholas Linnear series.

A martial arts expert and former agent of the top secret US government agency known as the Quarry, Jake Maroc has experienced great betrayal and tragedy. Caught up in a game of shifting loyalties, assassins, and power hungry nations, he knows there are few he can trust.

Now part of Hong Kong's yuhn-hyun, the inner circle that will someday control all of Asia, Jake is poised to lead China to fulfill its ancient destiny. On a plateau in the heart of the Burmese highlands lies Shan, the holy site where men are tested and the deepest secrets of Eastern mysticism are revealed. It is here that Jake will face his greatest challenge as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Year First Published:1988

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