Scourge of the Invisible Death

by Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis

It was announced as the greatest display of aerial strength in all history. Millions of Americans awaiting the President's signal, the sight of soaring aircraft parading the nation's power in arms. But something unforeseen -- something ghastly -- had happened.

A deadly new weapon has lashed from the sky, killing, destroying. The spectacle became the greatest disaster our militiamen ever suffered... Operator 5 -- known as Jimmy Christopher in the secret archives of Intelligence -- uncovered the existence of a powerful organization of misguided patriots.

But that clue was small help, for hampered by stupid bureaucracy, his career forfeit, his dear Diane captive, he banks his life on a million to one gamble with America in the balance.

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Year First Published:1935
Series: Operator 5 # 20

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