Return to the Whorl

by Gene Wolfe

Gene Wolfe's Return to the Whorl is the third volume, after On Blue's Waters and In Green's Jungles, of his ambitious SF trilogy The Book of the Short Sun . . .

It is again narrated by Horn, who has embarked on a quest in search of the heroic leader Patera Silk. Horn has traveled from his home on the planet Blue, reached the mysterious planet Green, and visited the great starship, the Whorl and even, somehow, the distant planet Urth. But Horn's identity has become ambiguous, a complex question embedded in the story, whose telling is itself complex, shifting from place to place, present to past. Perhaps Horn and Silk are now one being.

Return to the Whorl brings Wolfe's major new fiction, The Book of the Short Sun, to a strange and seductive climax.


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Return to the Whorl
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780312873141      ISBN 10: 031287314X
Publisher: Tor Books  2001

Min Price: $18.95
Max Price: $163.78
Median Price: $31.22
# Books: 13

Return to the Whorl
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780312873646      ISBN 10: 0312873646
Publisher: Tor Books  2002

Min Price: $13.53
Max Price: $93.42
Median Price: $24.77
# Books: 18


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