Raymond Chandler Speaking

by Raymond Chandler

Tough-minded and typically idiosyncratic, here is Chandler on Chandler, the mystery novel, writing, Hollywood, TV, publishing, cats, and famous crimes. Paul Skenazy has provided a new introduction and a new selected bibliography.

"The man who emerges from this book may come as a surprise to the millions of readers of the adventures of Philip Marlowe. This second great creator (after Hammett) in the realistic 'hardboiled' American detective story had a formal classical education in England and felt, in many respects, closer ties with that country than with his own. This embittered depictor of lust and lechery was also one of the great monogamists in the history of love." --Anthony Boucher, New York Times Book Review

"Raymond Chandler Speaking offers us various unpublished pieces... and a large number of letters written to his publishers, agents, fellow writers and various friends.... Chandler's many admirers will find it a good value. Young writers chiefly concerned with the novel of action and violence should not miss it, for Chandler, at his best a master of this kind of fiction, has much to say that deserves attention." --J.B. Priestley, New Statesman

"He loved cats and a wife seventeen years older than himself; he loathed agents and film producers and probably most people, but was determined to see in them the sweet-and-sour quality that he mixed into his Homicide Bureau men.... The letters are pure Chandleriana: irascible, unfair, over-fair, mush-hearted and needle-minded by turn and mood--but always the undiluted whiskey sour style. And for anyone who cares they are also--being mainly post-war--a fascinating gloss on the how-he-dunnit of the novels The Little Sister, The Long Goodbye and Playback." -- Gavin Lyall, The Spectator

Year First Published:1962

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