Mike Hammer Collection: Volume 1

by Mickey Spillane

A triple-shot anthology featuring the first three Mike Hammer novels--from the undisputed master of detective fiction.

In Mickey Spillane's classic detective novels, the action exploded in a bone-crunching catharsis. Men and women didn't make love, they collided. Tough brutes used their fists to drive home a message. Tougher broads used guile. And no one's morals were loftier than the gutter. No apologies. Little redemption. They rendered critics powerless, shocked intellectuals, inspired a new wave of pulp mayhem, and left the public hungry for more.

Given their hot, fever-pitch prose and breathless pacing, Spillane's Mike Hammer novels quickly became one of the most successful series in publishing history--an innovative, no-holds-barred, ultravisceral explosion of sex and violence that made Hammer a literary legend, and Spillane, one of the bestselling authors of all time. After fifty years, neither has lost their power to sucker punch the reader.Find out for yourself in this omnibus featuring the first three Mike Hammer novels by the living master of the hard-boiled mystery...

  • I, the Jury
  • My Gun is Quick
  • Vengeance is Mine!
Year First Published:2001

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Mike Hammer Collection: Volume 1
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780451203526      ISBN 10: 0451203526
Publisher: Penguin Books  2001

Min Price: $2.55
Max Price: $67.70
Median Price: $14.60
# Books: 56

Mike Hammer Collection: Volume 1
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780739476697      ISBN 10: 0739476696
Publisher: New American Library  2001

Min Price: $6.47
Max Price: $155.00
Median Price: $17.50
# Books: 13


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