McIlvaine's Star
by August Derleth

"I've done it," McIlvaine said quietly. "What's that?" asked Alexander testily. "I discovered a new star. It lies just off Arcturus," McIlvaine went on, "and it would appear to be coming closer."

"Give it my love," said Richardson with a wry smile. "Have you named it yet? Or don't the discoverers of new stars name them any more? McIlvaine's Star -- that's a good name for it. Hard a port of Arcturus, with special displays on windy nights."

What Thaddeus McIlvaine and Alexander Richardson didn't realize was that they were characters in a horror story. A story written by August Derleth, the man who founded Arkham House. None of these folks knew it yet, but they're all DOOMED Doomed Mwahahahaha

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