Legions of Starvation

by Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis

Speeding through the silent blackness of the night, a long freight-train was laden with a cargo more precious than fine gold-wheat Then suddenly, the hirelings of Apocryphos unleashed red destruction, and the great machine lay wrecked, its cars of priceless grain afire... Another blow in the ruthless campaign that was driving a proud people, whimpering, to slavery-overwhelmed by the cruel pangs of hunger The four horsemen of the Apocalypse, thundered sharp-hoofed over the sterile reaches of a famine-wasted continent, while only one man--Operator 5--realized the ghastly extent of the diabolical plot. And only he--America's undercover ace--could hope to bring the canny schemer to the justice he deserved-death.

Year First Published:1934

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Legions of Starvation
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9780934498043      ISBN 10: 0934498040
Publisher: Dimedia  1980

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Legions of Starvation
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781618274175      ISBN 10: 1618274171
Publisher: Altus Press  2019

Min Price: $42.56
Max Price: $42.60
Median Price: $42.56
# Books: 3


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