Handsome Heroes and Vicious Villains: More Cliffhanger Serials of the Silent-Movie Era      by Ed Hulse

This companion volume to DISTRESSED DAMSELS AND MASKED MARAUDERS continues Ed Hulse's history of the silent-era movie serial. It covers the "chapter plays" released by such companies as Universal, Vitagraph, Mutual, Paramount, Arrow, Mascot, Rayart, and members of the Edison Trust.

The fascinating history of these pioneering productions - more than 190 episodic thrillers made between 1914 and 1929 - is told in 160,000 words and illustrated with hundreds of rare vintage photos, posters, lobby cards, magazine ads, and even frame blowups from surviving film elements. The product of nearly 25 years of research, HANDSOME HEROES AND VICIOUS VILLAINS is the last word on this unique form of American film entertainment.

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