Genius Jones

by Lester Dent

The gold-dusted saga of a red-bearded young giant, raised in the Arctic on seal-meat and encyclopedias, who descends on civilization with a loud and solid crash. In his search for wisdom and adventure, the man Jones doesn't have Aladdin's lamp-but he doesn't really need it.... Never before reprinted, it's the longest novel Lester Dent ever published, and one of the most famous. This edition restores text cut from its original publication. Volume #1 in The Argosy Library.

Year First Published:1937

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Genius Jones
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781618271822      ISBN 10: 1618271822
Publisher: Altus Press  2015

Min Price: $15.00
Max Price: $37.01
Median Price: $21.90
# Books: 10


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