First Lensman

by E.E. Doc Smith

The most towering figure in science fiction, thanks to the enormous scope of his novels." -- Isaac Asimov

First Lensman is the second of six classic "Lensman" books, long recognized as the greatest space opera ever written.

First Lensman is the second of the "Lensman" stories and the only one never to appear in magazine form. In First Lensman, you are transported to the day in the not-too-distant future when fleets of commercial space ships travel between the planets of numerous solar systems. In this gripping narrative, you will visit Arisia with Virgil Samms when he becomes the first wearer of the Lens, the almost living symbol of the forces of law and order. You will see the forming of the Galactic Patrol.

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Year First Published:1950
Series: Lensman # 2

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