The Fabulous Clipjoint

by Frederic Brown

1948 Edgar Award Winner!

Ed Hunter is eighteen, and he isn't happy. He doesn't want to end up like his father, a linotype operator and a drunk, married to a harridan, with a harridan-in-training stepdaughter. Ed wants out, he wants to live, he wants to see the world before it's too late. Then his father doesn't come home one night, and Ed finds out how good he had it. The bulk of the book has Ed teaming up with Uncle Ambrose, a former carny worker, and trying to find out who killed Ed's dad.

Year First Published:1947

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The Fabulous Clipjoint
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The Fabulous Clipjoint
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780839825418      ISBN 10: 0839825412
Publisher: Gregg Press  1979

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