DOC SAVAGE #27 (Bama Cover)

Murder Mirage and The Other World

by Kenneth Robeson

"Doc was the Hercules of the '30s, the natural father of both Superman and James Bond." -- TIME

A daring experiment transmuted Clark Savage into the Herculean Man of Bronze. Welding five courageous soldiers of fortune into a Band of Iron, this invincible superman travels the world battling threats to humanity. Not since the days of King Arthur and Robin Hood has mankind known greater crusaders for justice.

What is the connection between a July snowstorm and a woman transformed into a shadow? Discover the secret of the Murder Mirage in the novel that inspired a 1940 Superman story.

Then, a mysterious animal pelt leads Doc through a crack in the Earth to the primordial dangers of The Other World.

Plus: a tribute to Philip Jose Farmer.

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