DOC SAVAGE #15 (Bama Cover)

Triple Novel Special

by Kenneth Robeson

The 75th birthday of the pulp era's greatest superhero is commemorated with a unique triple-novel edition. In "Terror Wears No Shoes," Doc Savage journeys to Hong Kong to prevent a deadly germ warfare attack against the United States. Then the Man of Bronze penetrates the Iron Curtain in "The Red Spider," a Cold War thriller that was "lost" until 1978, and showcases for the first time the unpublished art Edd Cartier created for the story in 1948.

Finally, a scientist is able to predict the future after his "Return from Cormoral." This collector's item pulp reprint features the original color pulp covers by George Rozen and Walter Swensen, interior illustrations by Edd Cartier and Paul Orban and historical articles by Will Murray, author of seven Doc Savage novels.

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DOC SAVAGE #15 (Bama Cover)
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781932806915
Publisher: Sanctum Books

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