Dead Titans, Waken!
by Donald Wandrei

This volume presents two novels by H.P. Lovecraft's friend and correspondent.

DEAD TITANS, WAKEN! is Donald Wandrei's only horror novel, later revised and published by Arkham House as THE WEB OF EASTER ISLAND. Here Fedogan and Bremer provides the original form of the book-- the manuscript critqued and guided by Lovecraft himself, for his younger friend. While "Mythos" tales as pastiche became an entire genre as the years went by, this horror tale was written long before that trend took hold, and in fact the author didn't think of it as a "Mythos" story per se. Pulp horror at its finest is on display.

The second novel is INVISIBLE SUN, written in the early 1930s but never published during the author's lifetime. Not only was it too raw for general audiences at the time, but also quite experimental by the standards of the time, and indeed in some ways seems remarkably modern in tone over eighty years later. As with Joseph Conrad, there are overtones of psychologic horror implicit in this story culminating in a passionate Jazz Age Minneapolis/St. Paul setting.

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