by Eric Van Lustbader

In was Kai-feng, the end of days, the time of chaos.

One by one, the four grisly abominations called the Makkon had come together, marshaling their inhuman armies to reap a bitter harvest of death. Mankind's struggle to turn back the tide of blood was doomed, for soon the hideous Makkon would summon their master, The Dolman. Truly, then, would all hope be lost.

No choice, no chance remained for humanity -- save only one. The arcane magics of the mysterious Scroll of the Ancients would have to be invoked. For only if Ronin could discover the true meaning of the Scroll's secrets would he unlock the power to face the inconceivable horror of The Dolman, in the final battle at the end of time.

Year First Published:1978

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Publisher: Fawcett  1995

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