At the Earth's Core

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Cutting through the earth in an extraordinary burrowing device, David Innes and Abner Perry fear they may be incinerated in the planet's fiery core. Instead, they come upon Pellucidar -- a savage, primordial world hidden several hundred miles beneath the earth's crust. There in an eerie, subterranean realm of vast oceans, lush jungles, and eternal noon, they encounter primitive humans and their beautiful, courageous queen, Dian.

Living in a land where evolution has taken a freakish turn, the people of Pellucidar exist in a constant state of terror, struggling desperately to survive as slaves of their dreaded reptilian rulers. Enchanted by the lovely queen, Innes resolves to help free these people and pits himself against their cruel and inhuman masters.

Edgar Rice Burroughs, renowned as the creator of Tarzan, invented a strange world within a world in this hair-raising drama. Brimming with adventure and heroism, this gripping tale will captivate today's young readers and fantasy buffs as much as it held audiences spellbound generations ago.

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Year First Published:1914
Series: Pellucidar # 1

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