Ringworld by Larry Niven

Four travelers come to the ringworld. . . Why did these disparate individuals come together? How could they possibly function together? And where, in the name of anything sane, were they headed?

Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven

With Louis' help, the Hindmost intends to regain his status by bringing back such extraordinary treasures from the Ringworld that his fellow puppeteers will have to be impressed. But when they arrive, Louis discovers that the Ringworld is no longer stable--and will destroy itself within months. To survive, he must locate the control center of the legendary engineers who built the planet.

The Ringworld Throne by Larry Niven

Each race on the Ringworld has always had its own Protector. Now it looks as if the Ringworld itself needs a Protector. But who will sit on the Ringworld Throne?

Ringworld's Children by Larry Niven

Now, the future of Ringworld lies in the actions of its children: Tunesmith, the Ghould protector; Acolyte, the exiled son of Speaker-to-Animals, and Wembleth, a strange Ringworld native with a mysterious past. All must play a dangerous in order to save Ringworld's population, and the stability of Ringworld itself.


Selected Titles:

SeriesYearTitleGenres & Tags

11970 RingworldHard SFScience Fiction
21979 Ringworld EngineersHard SF
31996 The Ringworld ThroneHard SF
42004 Ringworld's ChildrenHard SF
Selected Titles: