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Presumed Innocent

Hailed as the most suspenseful and compelling novel in decades, Presumed Innocent brings to life our worst nightmare: that of an ordinary citizen facing conviction for the most terrible of all crimes. It's the stunning portrayal of one man's all-too-human, all-consuming fatal attraction for a passionate woman who is not his wife, and the story of how his obsession puts everything he loves and values on trial--including his own life. It's a book that lays bare a shocking world of betrayal and murder,

Year: 1987     Genre: Courtroom DramaLegal Thriller

The Burden of Proof

Sandy Stern, the brilliant defense attorney from Presumed Innocent, faces an event so emotionally shattering that no part of his life is left untouched. It reveals a family caught in a maelstrom of hidden crimes, shocking secrets, and warring passions.

Year: 1990     Genre: Legal Thriller

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-- -- -- --21990 The Burden of Proofby Scott TurowLegal Thriller
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-- -- -- --41996 The Laws of Our Fathersby Scott TurowPsychological Thriller
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-- -- -- --72006 Limitationsby Scott TurowCourtroom Drama
-- -- -- --82010 Innocentby Scott TurowCourtroom Drama
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