Jason Bourne


The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

is memory is a blank. His bullet-ridden body was fished from the Mediterranean Sea. His face has been altered by plastic surgery. A frame of microfilm has been surgically implanted in his hip. Even his name is a mystery. Marked for death, he is racing for survival through a bizarre world of murderous conspirators--led by Carlos, the world's most dangerous assassin. Who is Jason Bourne? The answer may kill him.

The Bourne Supremacy by Robert Ludlum

Reenter the shadowy world of Jason Bourne, an expert assassin still plagued by the splintered nightmares of his former life. This time the stakes are higher than ever. For someone else has taken on the Bourne identity--a ruthless killer who must be stopped or the world will pay a devastating price.

The Bourne Ultimatum by Robert Ludlum

At a small-town carnival, two men, each mysteriously summoned by telegram, witness a bizarre killing. The telegrams are signed "Jason Bourne." Only they know Bourne's true identity and understand that the telegrams are really a message from Bourne's mortal enemy, Carlos, known also as the Jackal, the world's deadliest and most elusive terrorist.


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SeriesYearTitleGenres & Tags

11980 The Bourne IdentityEspionageThriller, Assassin
21986 The Bourne SupremacyEspionage, Assassin
31990 The Bourne UltimatumEspionage, Assassin
Selected Titles: