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Secret Agent X: The Man of a Thousand Faces

The identity of Secret Agent "X" is an enigma. He comes and goes veiled in a cloak of mystery. His name, his background, and even his date of birth are riddles, even to those who know him best. He is a man of a thousand faces -- master of make up, voice impersonation, and acting.


High Adventure 73: Secret Agent X- Ambassador of Doom by Brant House
Through night skies Secret Agent "X" sped to Washington - summoned as a pall of horror hung over the nation's capital. How ghastly that horror was to become even he did not guess - until he came face-to-face with this green-masked ambassador from hell's own legation and his horr ... read more


Hazzard: The Complete Adventures by Frederick C. Davis

The Fight Against the lawless! Mark Hazzard, red-headed, fiery-tempered District Attorney of King's County was a man of the Law, but when the law didn't get justice, the guilty were then the prey for the Juggernaut of Justice and his own iron rules. Bucking the police an ... read more


Secret Agent X: Legion of the Living Dead by Brant House
From the pages of the September, 1935 issue of Secret Agent X comes this sensational full length novel, Legions of the Living Dead.

"From nowhere hurtled that black death car. And from nowhere came its grisly occupants. They were not of the earth, for their ... read more


Secret Agent X: The Hooded Hordes by Brant House
With boiling lead that stilled men's tongues, and bombs that mangled human bodies, the hooded hordes threatened America. Their power was spreading from State to State like a hideous blight. Their spies seemed everywhere - and against this dread secret society went the Man o ... read more


Secret Agent X: City of Madness: Dec. 1936 by Brant House

CITY OF MADNESS by Brant House. Secret Agent X knew that the destiny of millions of honest people rested in his judgment of a beautiful but crafty woman. And all the Agent's plans fell to pieces when his most important confederate, Harvey Bates, rebelled against orders. ... read more


Secret Agent X: Corpse Cavalcade June 1935 by Brant House

Seven corpse-faced denizens of doom swept down on the Suburban Trust. Red- tongued machine guns blasted the way for their scavenger-like leader. But that leader did an amazing thing. He brought money into the bank, then disappeared with his buzzard brood. . . . And Sec ... read more


Secret Agent X: Death's Frozen Formula Feb 1937 by Brant House

DEATH'S FROZEN FORMULA by Brant House. Strange human derelicts left newsreel showings with evil, hidden intent. And Agent X had to pierce an unfathomable enigma -- while sinister gusts of hell's killing cold trapped X in a murder maelstorm.

Plus short stories fro ... read more