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Fantasy Pulp Fiction

Art of Imagination by Frank Robinson, Robert Weinberg, and Randy Broecker

20th Century Visions of Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy. Since the beginning of his existence, man has used imagination to create magical worlds that would transport him beyond the borders of reality. Art of Imagination is a trilogy consisting of the award winning ... read more


Fantasy of the 20th Century by Randy Broecker
The stuff such as dreams are made of our most death-defying adventures and wildest flights of imagination: this is the realm of fantasy. And ever since ancestral storytellers ... read more


The Far Side of Nowhere by Nelson Bond
Few names in the world of fantasy fiction evoke such instant recognition as that of Nelson Bond, master of the quirky story -- the unusual, the bizarre -- which he always wraps in delectable, deliciously lean prose, and a delightful skewing of the English language. ... read more


The White Sybil and Other Stories by Clark Ashton Smith
This new collection of short stories by legendary fantasy writer Clark Ashton Smith presents no less than sixteen classic works, ranging from dreamlike prose poems to sublime short stories. ... read more


The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian by Robert E. Howard
Collected in this volume, profusely illustrated by artist Mark Schultz, are Howard's first thirteen Conan stories, appearing in their original versions - in some cases for the first time in more than seventy years- and in the order Howard wrote them. ... read more