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The Adventure Pulp Fiction Genre

From the pages of Argosy, All-Story Weekly, Dime Adventure, Thrilling Adventure, Top Notch, Short Stories, Popular Fiction and many more come stories of the dark jungles, hot deserts, ship wrecked castaways, gallant heroes and ruthless villians.

Golden Fleece Golden Fleece takes us back centuries to some of the most exciting and adventuresome stories and heroes of all time. Writers such as Robert E. Howard, Seabury Quinn, H. Bedord Jones, E. Hoffman Price, Johnston McCulley and many more bring us the best in historical fiction.

Oriental Stories Oriental Stories brings us adventure from far east locales that include Borneo, Burma, China, Kurdistan, Algeria, North Africa and other exotic settings. From 1930 through 1932 by authors including Robert E. Howard, Paul Ernst, E. Hoffman Price and great cover art from Margaret Brundage.

Magic Carpet Magic Carpet continues where Oriental Stories left off. Stories from Hugh B. Cave, Seabury Quinn, Edmond Hamilton and cover art from Margaret Brundage.