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Hugh B. Cave

Hugh Cave circa 1935.

(1910 - 2004) U.S. Author best known for his horror and supernatural stories. He began writing his career writing for a broad range of pulp fiction genres including the Weird Menace genre and the Hard Boiled Detective genre.

During the 1930's and 1940's, Hugh Cave created over 800 pulp fiction stories. Quickly, Mr. Cave became one of the top pulp writers who was qualified to write in most any genre for all of the top tier magazines. Although he is most famous today for his work in the Weird Menace genre, he produced a vast amount of material in many areas.

After the pulps, Mr. Cave's story-telling moved into the mainstream slick magazine market. Since the 1970's, Mr. Cave created a number of mystery and dark fantasy stories for the mainstream paperback market. His writing career continues today with stories appearing in magazines such as Cemetary Dance and a number of new novels.

Interviews with Mr. Cave:


Cave of a Thousand Tales: The Life and Times of Hugh B. Cave by Milt Thomas

One of the most successful and most prolific writers to come out of the pulp era, Hugh B. Cave lived a full and varied life before his passing in July of 2004. Cave had many-a-story to tell about himself, and he did through many taped interviews with Milt Thomas, reveal ... read more


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Long Live The Dead by Hugh B. Cave
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The Evil Returns by Hugh B. Cave


"Hugh B. Cave is legendary." -- Hellnotes

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The Restless Dead by Hugh B. Cave
A curse lingers over the Everol mansion -- a voodoo curse, born of evil, steeped in blood. The tormented family who lives in this house of horrors is beset by insanity, visions... and death. They have shut themselves off from the world, allowing no one to trespass on their ... read more


Replica: Spicy Mystery July, 1936 by Spicy Mystery

A page for page replica of the entire issue of Spicy Mystery from July, 1936.