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The year is 1933 and the era of the great pulp heroes is just beginning. Flying out of the fertile minds of Popular Publications comes G-8 and His Battle Aces. A World War I flying spy who takes ont he most fantastic of German foes that ever flew a Fokker.

Robert J. Hogan brings us a tale of epic air combat featuring the Master American Spy, G-8 and his Battle Aces, Nippy Weston and Bull Martin. The three take to the skies--pitting their Spads against the German Fokkers, on missions of incredible daring.

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    The Bat Staffel by Robert J. Hogan

In the skies of France, G-8 and his men are pitted against a mad German scientist, Doktor Krueger, keen on destruction. In this first novel, giant bat-like creatures are spreading death and destruction in a bizarre plot to turn the Allied cause to defeat. But the Battle Aces' Spads are on the tail of this diabolical scheme. And the Master of daring, deception and disguise, G-8, can bring them down in the final dogfight.

Year: 1933
Genre: Hero PulpsWeird Menace

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