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Master of Midnight: The Collected Captain Zero

by G.T. Fleming-Roberts

Introduction by Stpehen Payne. Featuring the complete trilogy: CITY OF DEADLY SLEEP, THE MAARK OF ZERO! and THE GOLDEN MRIDER SYNDICATE.

For years you've read about this last gasp of the pulp hero, this invisible detective created by the legendary G.T. Fleming-Roberts. Yet Captain Zero is far more than a tiny spark thrown from the dying pulp fire. Far more complex than once thought, he provides a telling commentary on the desire for such mainstays as home an hearth so eagerly pursued in post WWII America. And he offers a subtle, albeit inadvertent, critique of human control of science, particularly atomic power and the Bomb in the scary, early days of the Cold War.

Join us for these three intriguing pulp mysteries, and learn what made Captain Zero a disappearing hero -- in more ways than you might have ever expected!

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Format: Paperback
538 Pages
First Published: 1949

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