Replica: Weird Tales #09 January 1924

by Girasol

A page-for-page replica of Weird Tales magazine from January, 1924.

Featured in this issue is "The Picture in the House," by H.P. Lovecraft, "The Abysmal Horror," by B. Wallis, "Black Sorcery," by Paul Annixter, "The Hand of Fatma," by Harry Anabal Kniffin, "The Man who Banished Himself," by Ferdinand Berthoud, "A Game of Chance," by Henry Lieferant and Sylvia Saltzberg, "The Open Window," by Frank Owen, "The Cat Called Carlos," by H.F. Leslie, "Draconda," by John Martin Leahy, "The Book of Death," by Harry Pugh Smith, "The Monstrosity," by George W. Crane,"The Cobra Lily," by Ledyard Bailey, "The Magic Mirror Murders," by Seabury Quinn, and a reprint of "The Black Cat," by Edgar Allen Poe.

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Format: Magazine
96 Pages
First Published: 1924

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