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Attic > Reprint: Sinister Stories: February 1940

by Sinister Stories

A facsimile reprint of the February 1940 issue of Sinister Stories -- the first issue of a classic "weird menace" pulp magazine.

Sinister Stories was a short-lived (only 3 issues) "weird menace" magazine, designed to thrill and titillate through a mix of suspense, science fiction, bondage, nudity, and grisly horror. Stories such as "Brides of the Half-Men," "Satan's Studio of Sin," and "White Flesh Must Rot" are surely masterpieces of over-the-top pulp writing!

Brides For the Half-Men by Francis James

Somewhere in the green hills surrounding Morton's Valley those creatures dwelt. Each night they sallied forth in search of youth -- which was all they lacked.

The Wild Monster Wants Me by Gabriel Wilson

There in the solitude of Satan's vile domain I lay -- awaiting the hideous fate which overtook my mother. Nor did I wait long... for presently it came and I writhed in agony!

Plus seven short stories of unutterable doom!

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Format: Magazine
112 Pages
First Published: 1940

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