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Hardback: Scavengers of the Slaughtered Sacrifices

by Don McGregor and Gene Colan


In this all-new graphic novel, premier talents Don McGregor and Gene Colan combine over-the-top pop culture references with the authentic drama of the original Spider pulp fiction.

Richard Wentworth has investigated the grotesque slaying scenes: Xinda, Barbarian Queen crucified atop the Chrysler Building; a deadly re-enactment from a hit animated series, North By Northwest Park at the Lincoln Center. The killer , a Satanic demon called Slaughter-house Skeleton, appears to be inspired by the foe from another popular TV series, Tiffany, the Werewolf Whacker!

It isn't until Wentworth -- as his masked renegade alter ego, the Spider, invade the private estate of Steven Striesand that both realize how incredibly far-reaching and utterly devasting these brutal acts will become.

Who is behind them and why ?

The answers are in this all new graphic novel by Don McGregor and Gene Colan.

Don McGregor is the well-known writer/creator of mystery graphic novels including DETECTIVES INC., ALEXANDER RISK, and NATHANIEL DUSK. Paul Bishop (Author of TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD and HEAD OF LAPD'S SEX CRIME UNIT) writes " (McGregor's) characters resonate with hardboiled legacy -- Raymond Chandler twisted by Jim Thompson. Don McGregor is the crowned king of the graphic noir novel."

Don's mysteries have been enthusiastically reviewed in ELLERY QUEEN MAGAZINE, MYSTERY MAGAZINE, and by distinguished mystery authors: Ed McBain, Maxwell Grant, Stuart Kaminsky, Bill Pronzini and Peter O'Donnell.

Gene Colan is the grand naturalist illustrator of comics and graphic novels. In his 50 year career, Colan has added considerable drama to the exploits of DAREDEVIL, BATMAN, TOMB OF BATMAN, HOWARD THE DUCK, DR. STRANGE, NATHANIEL DUSK, WONDER WOMAN, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and is co-creator of BLADE which has spawned, to date, two major motion pictures staring Wesley Snipes. Gene's beautiful pencil techniques gives the characters of The Spider, breath and bone.

The Spider has a long publishing history which has rivaled the Shadow and Doc Savage ever since the original 118 Spider pulp novels of the 1930s and 1940s. Other Spider features have included two 1940s Spider movie serials, radio theater, and a wealth of paperback novels including Berkley Books' 1960s series, Pocket Books' 1970s series, as well as others through the 1980s and 1990s. Stan Lee has sighted the Spider as one of the inspirations for creating Spider-Man.

Fans all over the world have acclaimed Gene Colan as one of the artistic giants of the Marvel Comics bullpen. Now, for any readers who are discovering him anew, the specatuclar illustrations in this book proudly proclaim that the master's hand hasn't lost its touch. In fact, his artwork on The Spider is as awesome and beautifully drawn as anything Gene has done in the past -- and take it from me, that's high praise indeed! -- Stan Lee

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Format: Hardback
96 Pages
First Published: 2002

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