Shudder 3-Pack

by Talmage Powell

Three stories from the dark, unfriendly world by Talmage Powell. These three originally published in Dime Mystery from the 1940s are not from the Weird Menace genre. They are much to unpredictable and horrific in an altogether manner.


What was that gaunt, gray shadow that padded out of the unwholesome depths of the Coquina Bayou... to plant its bloody footprints before Drake's doorstep?

"Time of the Demon" originally appeared in Dime Mystery Magazine, Oct. 1949.


Joad Hyder liked the dank-shored motionless bayou with its black sand and the feel of slithering, creeping things. The bayou was his friend, he thought. He had yet to learn that it had a mysterious--and very deadly--will of its own....

"The Dark, Unfriendly Tide" first appeared in Dime Mystery Magazine, May, 1945


"Crazy?'' Djibali screamed. "I curse you, beautiful one. I take your mind--and you will kill and kill--for me alone!"

"Swamp Fever" first appeared in Dime Mystery Magazine, Jan. 1947

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29 Pages

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