Superman: Up! Up! and Away! on 2 CDs

by Superman

In the winter of 1940, the world heard the voice of Superman for the very first time. Radio Spirits takes you back to those February evenings when "The Baby from Krypton" landed on planet earth and went on to assume the identity of Clark Kent a "mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper."

This 2-Disc collection features the first 12 broadcasts of The Adventures of Superman. Clayton Bud Collyer stars as the "Man of Steel" as the hero makes his first rescue, lands a job at the Daily Planet, and begins his "never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way." Includes a FREE Collector's Trading Card!

    Episodes CD 1
  • The Baby from Krypton 02-12-40
  • Clark Kent, Mild Mannered Reporter 02-14-40
  • Keno's Landslide 02-16-40
  • Clark Kent- Captured by the Wolf 02-19-40
  • Clark Kent - Imprisoned 02-21-40
  • Menace to the Silver Clipper 02-23-40
    Episodes CD 2
  • Dr. Dahlgren's Atomic Beam Machine 02-26-40
  • Atomic Fuel Cylinders Stolen 02-28-40
  • Threat to the Daily Planet 03-01-40
  • Fire in the Sterling Building 03-04-40
  • The Stabbing of June Anderson 03-06-40
  • The North Star Mining Company 03-08-40

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Format: Audio Compact Disc
First Published: 1940

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