The Spider: Claws of the Golden Dragon

by Grant Stockbridge

The Spider Magazine, January, 1939

From sinister Chinatown came the epidemic of terror that fell upon New York. For all over Manhattan defenseless citizens were dying with a Blood Orchid in their hearts! Through the rain of red petals that filled the sky, the Dragon screamed his ultimatum that death and destruction would walk the streets unless his word was heeded. From the resources of America--her brains and bullion--this monster planned to build an Eastern empire! With the city prostrate and the Law at bay, Richard Wentworth took up the challenge. In the Spider's cloak of night, he struck at this Prince of Darkness--waging desperate battle against the strangest crime cavalcade and the most serious threat to civilization known in the history of modern man!

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Format: Electronic PDF File
59 Pages
First Published: 1939

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