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Attic > The Shadow Reprint #2: Chinese Disks / Malmordo

by Maxwell Grant

Nostalgia Ventures brings us a new authorized series of pulp reprints featuring The Shadow. Each issue will contain two unabridged pulp adventures, re-typeset for easy reading including the original cover art and interior illustrations. Also included are introductory essays by Anthony Tollin and Will Murray.

The legendary Crimefighter battles Evil in TWO classic Pulp Adventures: "The Chinese Disks" and "Malmordo"

The greatest avenger from the legendary hero pulps returns in two more classic novels by his creator, Walter B. Gibson. The Shadow's crime-fighting organization became fully-formed in The Chinese Disks, the novel which introduces as agents cabby Moe Shrevnitz, reformed former-crooks Hawkeye and Tapper, Pietro and the giant African Jericho Druke. The novel is a sequel to Gibson's first novel, The Living Shadow, and features the return of The Shadow's first major foe, Diamond Bert Farwell. "Thus, The Chinese Disks is not only one of the most significant Shadow mysteries, but also one of the most satisfying," observes pulp historian Will Murray in his historical commentary to the story.

Malmordo is the final Shadow novel completed by Walter Gibson before his 1946 departure following a contract dispute, and ended his initial 15-year run chronicling The Shadow's adventures. Murray observes, "In a very real sense, the series that had finally come together in The Chinese Disks culminated with Malmordo, one of GibsonĀ¹s top tales of the 1940s, and one which features the slimiest villain 'Maxwell Grant' ever created." THE SHADOW Volume Two features the original pulp covers by George Rozen and interior illustrations by Tom Lovell, who went on to become one of the 20th century's greatest illustrative painters.

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Format: Magazine
128 Pages
First Published: 1934

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