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Mark Kilby Takes a Risk

by Robert Crane Frazer

Good condition of the 1961 First Printing of the Pocket Book paperback edition.

"Good evening all," said Kilby.

He took the knifestictk and drew it in a flashing motion in front of the eyes of the masked man, who backed away desperately.

"Now let's see what you're really like, " Kilby said. "You've been anxious to make sure that no one could recognize you, haven't you?"

He raised the knife close to the man's face. Than plucked at the mask with his left hand, but before he could free it, Kilby caught it with the point of the knife and sliced the handkerchief in two.

"Do you recognize him?"

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Format: Used Paperback
132 Pages
First Published: 1961

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