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The Complete Cases of the Rambler: Volume 1

by Fred MacIsaac

New paperback publication from Altus Press with introduction by Ed Hulse.

Meet the "Rambler": peripatetic newspaper reporter Addison Francis Murphy. A tall, rangy redhead, the Rambler behaves like a tramp, wandering from city to city, often arriving on a railroad boxcar, never taking root. Renowned for his reporting skills and deductive abilities, Frank Murphy never has any difficulty landing a job with the local newspaper; wherever he winds up, he finds that his reputation has preceded him. The Rambler has a knack for getting into trouble, and every search for a front page scoop puts him in jeopardy sooner or later. He seems to have a genius for running afoul of violent gangsters, wealthy businessmen, corrupt politicians, crooked cops, and the occasional double crossing dame.

Created by Fred MacIsaac, at one time a redheaded journalist himself, Frank Murphy rambled through 19 terse, tough yarns published between 1933 and 1940 mainly in the pages of Dime Detective, the prestigious crime pulp.

    This volume includes:
  • The Affair at Camp Laurel
  • Alias Mr. Smith
  • Ghost City Setup
  • Go Between
  • Murder Reel
  • Heir Cooled
  • Meet Mr MacIsaac

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Format: Paperback
114 Pages
First Published: 1932

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