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Operator 5: Raiders of the Red Death

by Curtis Steele

Operator 5 Magazine, December, 1935

In this, the 21st Operator 5 story, Jimmy Christopher is now in the hands of Emile Tepperman. Mr. Tepperman made his mark early on. He maintains the one war/invasion per novel for five more stories before he starts the Purple Invasion saga as well as all the major characters are here. However, Jimmy begins to take on some subtle differences. The swiftness in action also changes speed. This is a notable issue! Enjoy!

The first reports were incredible. Montezuma the Third, Emperor of the new-born Aztec Empire, was slaughtering American troops with a deadly, new weapon... sacrificing captives to his ancient gods.... America seemed condemned to degrading slavery. Operator 5, Ace of the Secret Service, fought against overwhelming odds. And while the gods of a long-dead civilization revel in carnage, the very existence of America is apparently doomed . . .!

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Format: Electronic PDF File
65 Pages
First Published: 1935

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