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Attic > Operator 5: Legions of the Death Master

by Curtis Steele

Operator 5 Magazine, March, 1935

Crimson mayhem... struck down one after another of the champions of preparedness, as demagogues screamed in the streets, rousing mobs to serve the scurrilous ends of an insidious scheme to decimate the nation. Against the unholy alliance--the masters of deceit and their well-intentioned dupes--alone and in deadly peril stood Jimmy Christopher, known to all who loved freedom as. . . Operator 5, agent extraordinary of the U.S. Intelligence Service. Steadfastly he pitted his skill and loyalty against the... Legions of the Death Master!

WITHIN HEARING of the capitol building, in Washington, D.C., the voice of a mob rose to an ominous and belligerent roar.

Anger rang from the throats of the hundreds of men crowding around the open truck on which a wild-eyed man was shouting and gesturing, exhorting them with passionate fervor. They raised shaking fists and muttered surly agreement to the speaker's rousing plea. From the surrounding streets scores of other men came to strengthen the mounting emotional furor. Over the gathering dark cloud of malevolent faces, the inciting voice shrilled again and again.

"We are Americans who go hungry, whose families starve, who beg for pennies to buy bread, while millions pour into the war-chests of the militarists! The last war is not yet paid for, and the bloody generals are emptying our Treasury to finance the next. There, in that building, lies the greatest store of gold in the world--gold to buy us the food we're starving for, gold denied us but stuffed into the pockets of the war-makers for their asking! Americans, we must stand together in the war against war!"

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71 Pages
First Published: 1935

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