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Attic > Invasion of the Dark Legions

by Curtis Steele

Operator 5 Magazine, October, 1934

A ghost ship sailed silently through the moon-lit night, manned by a crew of dead men. Jimmy Christopher, stands frozen with terror at the sight before his eyes--an evidence of bacteriological warfare, of a foreign dictator's first death blow at the heart of a nation.

It foreshadows the epidemics of ravishing man-made plagues which are to come-- the midnight attacks of a powerful secret army, already assembled within the land their power-maddened master covets. What vicious undercover emissary plots this wholesale murder? How can Operator 5 hope to save the country he loves from the slave yoke of a greedy foreign demagogue?

An excerpt...

Captain Kendrick did not know that this young man was one whose work was done under cover of closest secrecy--work of vital importance to the nation. He had been most instrumental in bringing the war between the United States and the Yellow Empire to an abrupt close. Due to his efforts the recent attempt to render the United States helpless through secret control of the steel industry was averted. It was he who had stamped out the spread of the dread Zaavanism, and who had almost single-handed defeated the diabolical plan to cripple the nation by destroying its greatest leaders.

A nation which did not even realize such a man existed owed him a tremendous debt. He was Operator 5, undercover ace of the United States Intelligence Service.

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79 Pages
First Published: 1934

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