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Attic > Cavern of the Damned

by Curtis Steele

Operator 5 Magazine, August, 1934

An entire country transfixed--drawn by an intoxicating power to hurl themselves toward destruction. Beneath the Earth, in flaming furnaces of mystical power, lay Operator 5's future. Will he risk his life--let alone betray the orders of the United States Intelligence Service--in order to dilute this devilish cult of death? Can Jimmy Christopher, with the aid of his loyal pal, Tim Donovan, defy temptation and meet this leprous annihilation head on?

Steele's Operator 5 adventure has the entire Agency hypnotized--held in the grips of Zaavian cultists. Against Z-7's orders, Jimmy Christopher will risk dying for his country. Can this spell be broken through this journey into the Cavern of the Damned?

An excerpt...

TRAITOR! The word swayed Jimmy Christopher like a blow. He drew up straight, his chin lifted, his eyes brightly defiant. And that penalty, Operator 5 knew, was death. He leaned forward slowly. He placed both palms on the desk--hands that were suddenly cold and numb. He looked straight into the savage eyes of Z-7.

"I still consider you my chief, Z-7. I still consider myself a member of the United States Intelligence Service. I still consider myself bound by the oath I have taken to serve my country, and I will uphold that vow as long as I live. Nothing--not even you, Chief, can stop me."

He turned slowly. He reached for the knob of the door. He was twisting it when Z-7's voice snapped again.

"Operator 5! I've declared you under arrest! If you leave this room I'll have you hunted like a criminal! I'll have you seized--imprisoned! I'll treat you like any traitorous--"

Operator 5 looked back. The steely glint in his eyes silenced Z-7's rushing words. He spoke again, quietly, firmly.

"I--a traitor! This is not you speaking, Z-7. It is the voice of Zaava!"

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74 Pages
First Published: 1934

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