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Attic > Operator 5: The Masked Invasion

by Curtis Steele

Operator 5 Magazine, April, 1934

Jimmy Christopher is Operator 5, a talented young operative in the American Intelligence Service. In Masked Invasion, he fends off the Masked Empire, an organization that threatens the very existance of the United States as a democratic force. The Masked Empire possesses a weapon that can put an entire region of the United States under total darkness, with no ability to use any electrical machinery!

An excerpt...

The sidewalks were crowded. The traffic lanes were swarmed with cars. Innumerable electric signs were casting rainbows of color into the night air. News dispatches were streaming across the electric bulletin of the Times Building. The babbling of voices, the strident rasp of auto horns, the whirring of motors, the rumbling of subway traffic beneath the pavements, all blended into a surf of sound that pounded upon the wails of the surrounding buildings. This was the crossroads of the world, the beating heart of the pulsing mass that was New York City.

Jimmy Christopher repressed an involuntary shudder.

"If only they knew!" he muttered. "If only they knew!"

Suddenly, from the loudspeaker of the cab radio, a voice boomed. It blasted more loudly than the music, drowning out all else. A rasping, thunderous voice: "Americans beware!"

Jimmy Christopher jerked up. His eyes widened and darkened with dread as the voice shouted again: "Americans beware! Fly for your lives! Doom approaches!"

Jimmy Christopher jerked about. Behind him he heard the same voice echoing, from another cab. Swiftly he reached for the dial of the radio and twisted it. The hiss of the carrier wave vanished and another came. And instantly the booming voice came back- from a second station!

"Americans beware! Doom approaches! Starvation and pestilence are hovering over you. Death and disease will spread among you! Each minute brings closer the Hour of Doom! Leave these shores or perish! Americans beware!"

And suddenly, all-enveloping, all-pervading, stifling in its utter completeness, darkness came.

Jimmy Christopher's taxi was just lurching across Forty-Second Street when blackness enveloped Times Square. In an instant it blanketed down. Flashing signs blinked out. Every bulb went cold. Windows darkened. Street lights lost their glow. Tall buildings became instantly mantled in gloom.

And with the darkness came silence. The humming of the engines of automobiles died away. Trolley cars stopped crashing. Underground, the thunder of the subway faded into quietness. The same paralysis that seized upon inanimate things quickly pervaded those who were crowding the sidewalks. Voices ceased. Up and down Times Square thousands paused, bewildered, wordless.

Darkness and silence--everywhere!

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74 Pages
First Published: 1934

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