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Mysterious Traveler: Dark Destiny: 10 CDs

by Mysterious Traveler

He takes the same train every week at this time, with tales to thrill you a little and chill you a little! Here's Maurice Tarplin as The Mysterious Traveler, your sardonic seatmate on the fast track to mystery!

Rushing you headlong into mistrust, misdeeds, and murder are Phillip Clarke, Staats Cotsworth, Sandra Gould, Santos Ortega, Joseph Julian, Elspeth Eric, Cameron Prud'Homme and Raymond Edward Johnson, playing the parts of the unwise, the unwary, and the undone.

Plus, also from the team of David Kogan and Robert Arthur, enjoy six bonus episodes of The Strange Dr. Weird.

Includes twenty-six digitally restored and remastered radio episodes, and a Program Guide by Karl Schadow.

Episodes Include: Mysterious Traverler: The House of Death 01-30-44; The Good Die Young 02-27-44; The Accusing Corpse 04-16-44; The Queen of the Cats 07-02-44; They Who Sleep 01-06-45; The Case of Charles Foster 03-10-45; Death Is the Visitor 08-25-46; The Symphony of Death 09-08-46; New Year's Nightmare 01-05-47; The Woman in Black 03-09-47; Dark, Dark Destiny 04-13-47; Death Is the Judge 06-15-47; The Locomotive Ghost 07-06-47; Death Is My Caller 10-21-47; The Man Who Died Twice 02-24-48; They Struck it Rich 03-16-48; The Man Who Vanished 07-06-48; Till Death Do Us Part 11-11-48; Survival of the Fittest 01-10-50; The Man Who Tried to Save Lincoln 02-07-50. Strange Dr. Weird: Journey Into the Unknown 11-21-44; Death in the Everglades 11-28-44; The Man Who Talked With Death 12-12-44; Stand-In for Death 12- 26-44; The Knife of Death 02-20-45; When Killers Meet 04-10-45/p>

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Format: Audio Compact Disc
First Published: 1944

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