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Lone Ranger: Plains Thunder (10 CDs)

by The Lone Ranger

10 Hours on 10 Audio CDS.

He's perhaps the single most iconic figure of the radio era, symbolizing an entire lost form of entertainment even to those who've never actually heard one of his adventures. This WXYZ hero was a stern authority figure, respected by his friends and allies and feared by his enemies -- an embodiment of high morals, unshakable values, and unrelenting justice.

This collection contains many of the Masked Man and Tonto's most exciting tales from those thrilling days of yesteryear. Twenty action packed adventures of treasure, talismans, Indian attacks, foreign spies, meteors from outer space and more! Starring Brace Beemer as The Lone Ranger and John Todd as Tonto.

Includes two four-part adventures, a re-telling of the classic origin story, and a Program Guide by Elizabeth McLeod.

Episodes Include: Valley of the Cliff Dwellers 08-01-41; Stagecoach To Blue River 07-31-42;Sign of the Swastika 12-07-42; Ruggles of Yellowstone 06-28-44; The Pelt of Mucho Grande 09-08-44; The Sign of the Buffalo Head 09-11-44; The Angelus 09-13-44; Ghost Dance 09-15-44; The Talisman of Taos 12-18-44; From Outer Space 01-15-47; The Butterfield Stage 01-17-47; The Silver Bullet 01-20-47; The Rays of The Sun 01-22-47; Joshua Biddle Returns 01-17-49; Ring Number One 01- 19-49; The Black Box 01-21-49; Mesa Mountain 05-30-51; Orders for the East 01-04-52; Flashback 01-11-52; When Death Waits 09-05-52

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Format: Audio Compact Disc
First Published: 1941

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