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Children of the Lens

by E. E. (Doc) Smith

"Heroes and strong women. Wise, kind aliens and evil conspiracies. Honour, glory--even naked babes. All packed together in one rollicking rollercoaster ride. I've been reading and re-reading CHILDREN OF THE LENS for decades. This book has everything!" -- Nicola Griffith

Finalist for Special 1966 Hugo Award for All-Time Best Series

Children of the Lens is the sixth and concluding volume of the six classic "Lensman" books, long recognized as the greatest space opera ever written. This edition is a facsimile of the 1954 Fantasy Press first edition hardcover, hard to find and expensive when found.

"Twenty years have passed since the events portrayed in Second Stage Lensman. To Kimball Kinnison and his wife Clarrissa have been born five children--Kit, the eldest, and two sets of twin sisters. These are the 'Children of the Lens'--the offspring of uncounted generations of selected matings--the most capable, the most brilliant minds in the universe. Their job is the conclusion of the Boskonian war, and how they accomplish this end and gain ultimate victory makes up the greater part of the book." (From the 1954 Fantasy Press edition of Children of the Lens

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Format: Paperback
293 Pages
First Published: 1947

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