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by John Wyndham

Very good condition copy of the 1955 Ballantine Books paperback edition.

They were the Mutants -- the hunted people... and the seed of the future.

John Wyndham, master of realistic science fiction, has here written his most mature novel. Thought-provoking, exciting, precisely detailed, this is the story of a society that inherited the shattered civilization of the Atomic Age -- and struggled in ignorance to rebuild on the same pattern. It tells of fanatic beliefs and strange creates, and of the sudden emergence of a handful of mutant children whose blazing talent promised for the races of Man a brilliant RE-BIRTH

A frightening, utterly believable novel of our world in the grip of a chilling horror. "The author of the that smash hit, THE DAY OF THE TRIFFADS, has written what is in all ways a better and more enthralling book ... spiced with wit, with pungent commentary on human foibles, with sharp attacks on human complacency and conceit -- a truly satisfying shocker." -- Galaxy

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Format: Used Paperback
185 Pages
First Published: 1955

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