Replica: Weird Tales #32, May, 1926

by Girasol

A page for page replica of the original May 1926 issue of the Unique Magazine.

A Magazine of the Bizarre and Unusual

Stories include...

The Ghosts of Steamboat Coulee by Arthur J. Burks
Shivery tale of dreadful happenings in a rockbound western gulch, with howling of bobcats for chorus.

The Devil-Ray (Part 1) by Joel Martin Nichols, Jr.
Three part serial -- purple beam of light shoots from the clouds, bringing death to whatever it touches.

The Dead Hand by Seabury Quinn
Eery tale of Jules de Grandin -- bodiless hand floats through window and seizes a millionaire by the throat.

The Silent Trees by Frank Owen
Great was the beauty of Lun Pei Lo, dwarfing even the beauty of that magnificent house in the drab city of silence.

The Man Who was Saved by B.W. Sliney
Out of the depths of the pacific it rose -- a vast, green, slimy monster that dragged great ships to destruction.

Bat's Belfry by August W. Derleth
Gruesome was the discovery Sir Harry Barclay made in the vaults of Lohrville Manor, and fearful was the doom that overtook him.

Queen of the Vortex by F. Williams Sarles
Dr. Chaptel goes through the ray of light into the beyond, to rescue Paul Duval from Bari and Tasmari.

No. 11 The Werewolf by H.B. Marryat
Krantz hunts the White Wolf and incurs the implacable enmity of the spirits of the Hartz Mountains.

Horreur Sympathique by Charles Baudelaire
Verse, translated for Weird Tales by Clark Ashton Smith.

Across the Gulf by Henry S. Whitehead
Carrington's mother appeared to Him in a dream -- and then the very hand of death fell upon him.

The Moon Dance by A. Leslie

Vials of Wrath by Edith Lyle Ragsdale
Grisly tale of African Voodoo Rites -- an atrocious murder -- the frightful revenge exacted by a white missionary.

The Experiment of Erich Weigert by Sewell Peaslee Wright
The little scientist seemed mild and inoffensive, but in his dark brain a fiendish plan was evolved.

The Confession of a Madman by James Cocks
A different story -- the tale of an obsession that took ten years out of a man's life and shut his body in an asylum.

The Derelict Mine (Part 2) by Frank A. Mochnant
The three part mystery serial about an abandoned mine in Australia -- a story which rises to a ghastly and thrilling climax.

The Dance of Death by Jean Lahors
The poem which is said to have inspired Saint-Saens to compose his "Danse Macabre" -- English translation by Edward Baxter Perry.

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Format: Pulp Replica
First Published: 1926

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