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Replica: The Spider: August 1941: The Spider and the Scarlet Surgeon

by Grant Stockbridge

Page for page replica of the August, 1941 issue of The Spider Magazine.

For enough money, the Red Surgeon could make the most desperate killer unrecognizable; with his magic scalpel he changed entire personalities -- could even amputate the conscience! Was it any wonder that his greatest ambition was to enlist Kirkpatrick, and the Spider, and Nita van Sloan as his loyal confederates? This could be done, he knew... by surgery alone!

The Little Druggist is back, in "Doc Turner's Flaming Coffin" by Arthur Leo Zagat

How could Doc Turner knowingly permit young Jack Ransom to be branded a monstrous criminal? Did Doc suspect that far more ghastly tragedy was to befall his Morris Street wards that night - while he himself awaited a fiery casket?

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Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1941

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